Who's listed on the NBA 2K23 Cover Page? Cover Teaser and Reveal

NBA 2K23 hasn't been officially announced, but most think it will be released in during the second week of September. With the release date being near, we still haven't heard about any new features or been able to confirm the athletes on the cover however, rumors of leaks have been floating around. No matter who's on the cover, or the number of the 10 items we'd love to see make it into this year's game, it's almost certain NBA 2K23 will be short one thing that Madden 22 will deliver.

Madden 22 introduces Momentum Factors to their gameplay. They're intended to replicate the tug-of war that occurs in one NFL game. The M-Factors add the advantage of playing at home. Every NFL team has a unique M–Factor that can activate during a game. The M-Factors at home are tied to the team, stadium and the city.

As I watched the exclusive preview event held at the start of June I couldn't help thinking at the thought, "How amazing would it be if NBA 2K had a feature like this in their game? The Home Court in the NBA is Powerful. The NBA's advantage on home courts is unparalleled in any other sport. It is the reason teams work hard to win 82 regular season games to earn the right to play more on their courts in the playoffs.

With Madden providing the Denver Broncos the Mile High M-Factor, which causes teams from other leagues to lose stamina at a greater rate, it's fun to wonder how a feature like that can enhance the enjoyment of the game when 2K gives the Denver Nuggets a similar perk when playing in Ball Arena. The signature (we'll refer to them as court factors) in 2K are just one thing, but we might be able to see other advantages for home courts like more fouls called or a higher rating for role players and so on. While star players aren't typically affected by the stadium's location, the old saying is that role players do better when they play at home. The value of these advantages can be determined by the level of play of the team.

If you've been watching basketball at any time over the last 20 years, you've likely heard an announcer declare that basketball is a sport of runs. These runs can be easily attributable to, or described as momentum shifts. The whole idea suggests 2K might have needed some sort of momentum mechanic within the game. It is possible to argue that 2K's Takeover and Team Takeover systems are 2K's version. This may be true in part. The Takeover system doesn't address the surrounding. It doesn't consider fans' presence or players' familiarity with specific courts. These elements are absent from the 2K Experience.
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Who's listed on the NBA 2K23 Cover Page? Cover Teaser and Reveal
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